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Hardack Pool Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Does the schedule change every week?

Yes, we offer a lot of programs & swim times to meet the needs for everyone, therefore the schedule changes weekly to accommodate everything we offer! 

What’s the difference between adult lap swim and public swim?

Adult lap swim is a designated time for adults (18+) to utilize the pool, both lap lanes & the beach pool, and exercise equipment is allowed. 
Public swim is a designated time where everyone is welcome to come and swim.

Can I swim laps during public swim?

That all depends on how busy the pool is. During the Summer months, the answer is usually no. However if the pool isn’t too crowded, we can put a lane in. 
During the Fall & Winter, the answer is almost always yes! Especially when kids are in school. 

Do I have to pay admission if I am not swimming?

Yes, all who enter the facility pay the admission fee. 

What is the temperature of the water?

The pool is heated to 82 degrees, which is a happy medium for all the programs we offer. 

What type of disinfection does the pool use?

The pool uses calcium hypochlorite (Chlorine) to maintain a healthy pool. 
Chlorine setpoint: 2.0 ppm
PH setpoint: 7.5

Can anyone use the slide and diving board?

Those who want to use the slide and diving board will need to pass a swim test with a lifeguard. The test consists of jumping into 6ft of water, surfacing, and swimming roughly 10 yards, changing direction, and swimming another 10 yards. Users 16 or older do not need to take the test. 

Can people swim without lifeguards on duty?

Yes, we offer public swim times with no lifeguards on duty. Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. All pool rules still apply, and the slide & diving well remain closed. 

Is the slide open during the winter?

No, the slide does not fit in the enclosure.