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PARTY TIME! Birthday & Nerf Parties!

Birthday Party

Birthday Party Info

We host all birthday parties on Saturdays in two-hour blocks and can accommodate two parties each day (dates/times below). Birthday parties include tables, chairs, and FUN materials such as - bouncy castle, blue building blocks, large bouncy balls, scooters, tunnels, hula-hoops, tunnels, and a small basketball hoop. There will be Recreation staff on-site during the party to paint the children's faces and make balloon animals! Birthday parties can include up to 20 kids maximum.

Party host may arrive 30 minutes before their start time to set up party favors, gifts, cake, etc. 

$300-Residents.  $400-Non Residents 

Winter 2024 Dates (Times listed in green are currently available)
-Saturday, February 10th

-Saturday, March 9th: BOOKED!!
-Saturday, March 23rd: 
-Saturday, April 13th: 1pm-3pm


Nerf Party Info

We host all Nerf Parties on Sundays in 2-hour blocks and can accommodate two parties each day (dates/times below).  Each party will include use of our Nerf blasters, darts, safety glasses, and multiple rounds of Nerf Battle games.  Games may include; Battle Royal, Capture the Flag, Medic, and Assault and are facilitated and reffed by the Recreation staff.  The City Hall space will be set up with barricades and bunkers for players to run between and hide behind as they play each game.  Nerf parties can accommodate up to 20 players.

Please Note:
-Nerf blasters are provided BUT you may bring your own! 
-All darts included in play are provided by the Recreation Department.

$300-Residents.  $400-Non Residents 

Winter 2023/24 Dates (Times listed in green are currently available)

Sunday, February 11th: BOOKED!!

-Sunday, March 10th: BOOKED!!
-Sunday, April 14th: BOOKED!!

Parties are booked on a first come first served basis and are reserved by calling the Recreation Department.

Contact Chloe at or by calling 802-752-2165 to schedule your party!!