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Hardack Pool Rules

Hardack Pool Rules

No running on the pool deck
No diving (only allowed in the diving well)
There is an adult swim break every hour (15 min)
Only patrons 18 years and older, or 1 and under (with an adult) are allowed to swim during adult swim
Lifejackets are allowed if they are coast guard approved, and must be accompanied by an adult within arms reach at all times in the shallow end of the pool
Lifeguards will signal the start or end of a session with a long whistle
No splashing others
No floatation devices
No pool toys, balls, snorkels
Keep hands to yourself at all times
No hanging on others backs or shoulders
When jumping, must be straight in and feet first
No jumping in backwards, sideways or spins
No glass containers or alcoholic beverages
No smoking or vaping on the property
Do not talk to the lifeguards while they are in the chair unless there is an emergency
Keep hands out of skimmers
Do not hang on the ladders, they are only for getting in or out of the pool only
If a lifeguard blows 1 short whistle give them your attention
No excessive breath holding in water
Swim team blocks are off limits
No persons with serious infection are allowed into the water.
All babies must wear a swim diaper (we sell them at the front desk)
Pets are not allowed

Diving Board:

All users under 16 years of age must pass a swim test prior to using the diving board
No Spins or Flips
Only ONE bounce on the board
Only ONE person allowed on the diving board at a time
Jump or Dive straight off the diving board
Once you’re in the water please surface immediately and swim to the closest ladder
You may jump off the diving board once the person before you is at the ladder
When entering the water hands must be above your head when diving (NO Sailor dives).
Do not hang on the bars of the diving board

Slide Rules:

All users under 16 years of age must pass a swim test prior to using the slide
1 person on the slide at a time
Feet first only on back
No spinning or stopping
No flotation devices allowed
After use, please exit the pool using the ladder
Do not begin to use the slide until the water is free of people (must be fully exited from the water)
No horseplay on the stairs