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Dungeons and Dragons 5e Edition

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Become the master wizard you have always wanted and use your intelligence, wisdom and light crossbow to aid the curious tabaxi in striking down the ugly hill giant. Or become a monk that uses his dexterity and strength to help the lizardfolk slay the fierce Demogorgon.

St. Albans Recreation will be hosting its fourth session of Dungeons and Dragons at the Barlow Community Center. This program will be run by Kevin Laddison and Josh Labonte both of which have lots of experience in running these types of games. See below for a description and check out the Facebook link HERE to see updated information.

Hosted by: Kevin Laddison
If you are new to the game please contact the DM, Kevin Laddison (802-598-6757), immediately after registration to gain access to the Facebook group for the game, as well as the DnD Beyond campaign link so that we can work together to build your character before the first meeting!

All participants must be registered. Registration fee covers all 6 sessions, use of the space and the DnD subscription to avoid making everyone bring the paper book. Feel free to bring one if you have one. Kids ages 10 and up are welcome but must have the energy and concentration to stay up during the sessions (7-11pm). See below for a description from Kevin's Facebook group.

Below is a description of the current game hosted by Kevin. 

Welcome back to the Village of Essex! You've heard of, or participated in, a number of adventures nearby recently. The guard battles against the Twig Blights, the rescue of the living wood Wizard Sharwyn from the Twilight Fortress, and the rescue of the frozen dairy product merchants Jen and Barry from beneath the Ruined Moathouse to name a few successes. But remember that Spugnoir the Wizard was lost to a watery grave beneath the Moathouse, which may still be under the control of the Evil Ohioans. And what possibly-winged creatures have been ripping the hearts out of families across the area?

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