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Become the master wizard you have always wanted and use your intelligence, wisdom and light crossbow to aid the curious tabaxi in striking down the ugly hill giant. Or become a monk that uses his dexterity and strength to help the lizardfolk slay the fierce Demogorgon.

St. Albans Recreation will be hosting its first ever Dungeons and Dragons session at the Barlow Community Center. This program will be run by Kevin Laddison who has lots of experience in running these types of games. See below for a description and check out the Facebook link HERE to see updated information.

All participants must be registered. Registration fee covers all 7 sessions, use of the space and the DnD subscription to avoid making everyone bring the paper book. Feel free to bring one if you have one. Kids ages 10 and up are welcome but must have the energy and concentration to stay up during the sessions (7-11pm). See below for a description from Kevin's Facebook group.

We will begin with a "Session Zero" where we will start with world building and character building. You can bring a character concept, but please also bring a healthy dose of flexibility as well. You can come with an idea of your race, class and background but you will only be able to have that choice if you can justify it to the group, including me. (As a side note, I'm only going to allow stuff -races, classes, backgrounds, etc- from books I own so I can read up on them between adventures.) We will start with deciding where the game starts. A city? A small village? A coastal town? Frozen wasteland, jungle or desert? All these choices will determine what backgrounds, classes and maybe races are available. There won't be any Merfolk in a desert setting, for example, and no Firbolg in a city; probably no druids either, come to think of it. Then, the players will decide what race they want to play. If nobody picks a certain race, maybe there just aren't any of them nearby. Or maybe there aren't any of that race in our new world. We will decide together how well the local races get along, of course. The backgrounds and classes that you choose will determine what is available in your starting place. If someone chooses to play a wizard, there must be a higher level wizard in town that taught them. If someone chooses to play a cleric of Milil, then that is the local church, and maybe the patron of a local bard. Then, once you've decided on your race, class and background, we will make the characters together, being certain to link everyone together. Why are you in this place? How do you know one another? Why do you trust one another with your lives? Why is it that an elf with over 100 winters is willing to spend time with a dwarf of 50 winters, or a human of 20 winters? And what about that 15 winter dragon born? She has barely been here long enough for the elf to notice her... The important part of this will be the interconnections between the players, and creating the shared background that will be the starting town. We will then decide as a group on how we generate stats. The standard array is easy, although I prefer the point buy system. Rolling is a standard practice, but if the group decides to do it somebody might get stuck with horrible stats. But the group will decide which system we will use.

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Dungeons and Dragons 5e 2018/19 
10 - 99  N/A  11/02/2018 - 01/25/2019
7:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Barlow Street Community Center - Program Room
$20.00 R, $30.00 NR
All participants must be pre-registered. No drop ins.
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