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Hiking at Hard'ack!

St. Albans Recreation Day Camp Opening – Summer 2021 Information
St.  Albans Recreation Department Day Camp is a fun and safe option for families this summer.  The new location at Hard'ack Recreation Area allows for lots of outdoor fun including fields, miles of trails, disc golf, gaga ball, and fantastic arts and crafts projects and more with a fun energetic staff to make your child's summer unforgettable.  And let's face it, we could all use some fun right about now! 
Outdoors!  We will spend the better part of everyday outdoors whenever possible.  If it's a drizzly day we'll be outside (at least for a bit) so be sure to pack a rain coat and mud boots if the weather looks like we'll need it. 
When it's a total wash out - we'll catch a movie in the Lodge, visit Collins Perley Sports & Fitness Center or City Hall Auditorium to burn off a little energy.  

Here is some important information for families.  Keep in mind that as and if guidelines change over the summer we may adjust our protocols as well.
Hours – 7:30am-4:30pm  (Early drop off and late pick up are available)
Location-  Hard'ack Recreation Area - NEW!  for drop off.  Pick up at St. Albans City School Playground (next to the pool)
Registration – St. Albans Recreation Department prides itself in being responsive to the needs of our families.  We allow families to pick and choose days they’d like to attend (minimum of 2 per week)  throughout the summer.  We welcome part time campers as well as full time.   
Face Masks – Campers and counselors will wear masks in all situations as recommended by CDC. Disposable masks will be available when needed, but families should provide 2 clean masks each day for their child.  Masks should be washed daily.  When children are outside and apart from one another, they will not need to wear their mask.  When they are indoors, or in closer contact with others, they will need to wear their mask.
Distancing – Campers will adhere to social distancing standards of 3 feet to the extent possible.  
Outside – It’s always been a goal of our camp to be outside as much as possible.  This summer more than ever we plan to eat and play outdoors whenever we can.
Drop Off & Pick Ups –  Only one person at drop off and pick up.  No one who is ill, has symptoms of COVID 19 or is self-quarantining due to close contact with a COVID 19 positive person can do drop off or pick up.  Parents will respect distancing with staff and other campers during all interactions.
If Covid has taught us anything - it's that sick people need to stay home, and that means sick with any illness.  No sick campers will be allowed at camp.  We're expecting that parents will commit to knowing how their kids are feeling and not sending them when they're sick.
At Drop Off –  There will not be a temperature screening.  We trust that families will be aware of their child's health and not send a sick child to camp.  Each morning the adult dropping off the camper will be asked to review the health screening questions and attest that as far as they know, their child is healthy and free of Covid symptoms. The adult will provide the name and phone number of an adult for us to call if the camper becomes ill at camp.  That person must be able to pick up the child within 15 minutes. 
Screening Questions -
1. Have you been in close contact with a person who has COVID-19?
2. Do you feel unwell with any symptoms consistent with COVID-19? For example, have you had a cough, high temperature, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, or new loss of taste or smell?
Healthy children and staff with the following symptoms/conditions may attend programming
Allergy symptoms (with no fever) that cause coughing and clear runny nose maystay if they have medically diagnosed allergies and provide confirmation from their doctor.
Well-controlled, mild asthma
At Pick Up – at St. Albans City School playground -  One person will show up for pick up.  Campers will be ready to go and pick up will be swift. 
Hygiene – Campers will wash hands upon arrival at camp, before and after using the bathroom, before and after eating, before and after activities and throughout the day as deemed necessary.   
Food – Camp will continue to participate in the Federal Summer Lunch Program supplying a morning snack and lunch.  If you prefer you can pack a lunch, snacks & beverage.  Each child should bring a water bottle and bottles should be cleaned every night.  Camper lunch bags will not be able to be stored in a refrigerator so be sure to include ice packs if necessary.   Camp is PEANUT AND TREE NUT FREE.  Please keep this in mind when packing your child’s lunch.
Backpacks & Stuff – Each camper should bring swim suit, towel, sunscreen & water bottle. Please do not send more “stuff” than fits in your camper’s back pack.  Please consider a swim shirt in place of sunscreen for your camper.  If you’d rather not do that, please send a spray sunscreen.  We will supervise sunscreen application showing kids how to apply to their face, arms and neck etc but a spray would work best for us to apply.
Sick Kids or Family – If a child, staff person or parent tests positive for COVID 19 then they will not be allowed at camp until they no longer test positive and have had no fever for 72 hours without fever reducing medications.  If there is a confirmed case of COVID 19 at camp families will be notified and the VT Dept of Health will do contact tracing.  A sick camper will be isolated immediately upon symptoms and a staffer will remain with them until they are picked up.
Staff –  All staff will be screened in the same manner as campers each morning and will adhere to the same protocol listed above for a sick camper. 
Visiting the Pool – Campers will visit the St. Albans City Pool each afternoon.  We will work with the kids to help them maintain social distancing while in the pool and on the deck.  No masks will be worn in the pool, masks will be required on the pool deck if campers are not 3 feet apart.
We reserve the right to make changes at any time –  Our primary goal is health and safety.  We already know a lot about fun and we’re determined to have some while keeping everyone safe.  
Need to contact camp during camp hours?  Call the Day Camp cell at 802-393-0331
Other Questions? Contact the rec cell at 802-309-1810

Here's What a Typical Day Looks Like:
  • 7:30am-8:30am drop off at Hard'ack Recreation Area
  • 8:30am-9:00am Fitness!
  • 9:00am-9:30am Snack & Morning Meeting
  • 9:30am-12:00noon - Group Activities
  • 12:00 noon - Lunch
  • 12:30pm Walk to Pool
  • 1:00pm-3:30pm Splash the afternoon away at the St. Albans City Pool
  • 3:30pm-4:30pm Pick up at the Playground - St. Albans City School
  • If your camper will be registering for Swim Lessons this summer, please choose the latest lesson option available. Campers will be brought to swim lessons, have lunch there and meet up with the rest of camp when they arrive for the afternoon.
  • The Recreation Department will transport your child from Swim Team to Day Camp or Swim Lessons throughout the summer. Just remind the staff each morning at drop off if your child has swim lessons or swim team practice.

What's Needed and NOT Needed :)
What to Bring:
- Water Bottle
- Towel
- Swimsuit
- Socks
- Sunscreen
- Comfortable Play Clothes
- Closed toe athletic shoes or sports sandals
- Good Attitude :)

All personal items should be clearly labeled with the campers name.

What NOT to Bring:
- Cell Phones
- Electronic Devices
- Toys/Stuffed Animals
- Trading Cards
- Jewelry

The Recreation Department is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Early Drop off & Late Pick Up Options and Charges
  • There is an early drop off option. If you need to drop your child off before 7:30am, you can register for early drop off at the same time you register for day camp. You can drop your child off at 7:00am (no earlier) with the early drop off option. There is a separate registration and additional charge.
  • There is a late pick up option. If you cannot pick up your child before 4:30pm, you can register for late pick up at the same time you register for day camp. You MUST pick up your child at 5:00pm with late pick up registrations. There is a separate registration and an additional charge.
  • If you are late picking up your child and your child is not previously registered for late pick ups please call us to let us know that you'll be late. There is a $20 charge for each 30 minute and/or portion thereof after 4:30pm. The charges will be added to your recreation account.

  • You can register from 2 to 5 days per week! To see pricing options:
  • Log onto your account.
  • Choose a member.
  • Click on Purchasing options - it will bring you to the next page with pricing and registration options.
  • Still having trouble? Contact the office 524-1559 or

    2021 Weekly Schedule:
    Week 1 - June 16 to June 18 (Wed to Fri)
    Week 2 - June 21 to June 25
    Week 3 - June 28 to July 2
    Week 4 - July 5 to July 9
    Week 5 - July 12 to July 16
    Week 6 - July 19 to July 23
    Week 7 - July 26 to July 30
    Week 8 - August 2 to August 6
    Week 9 - August 9 to August 13

    5 DAYS/WEEK - $185 Residents/$250 Non-Residents
    4 DAYS/WEEK - $165 Residents/$225 Non-Residents
    3 DAYS/WEEK - $135 Residents/$200 Non-Residents
    2 DAYS/WEEK - $105 Residents/$150 Non-Residents

    Payment options:
    Register for all weeks you want this summer and pay only for one week at the time of the registration. Keep in mind that once the weeks are registered for, that space is held for your child. If you need to cancel - there is a cancellation fee. If you simply need to transfer to another week (and there is still room in that week) there is no transfer fee.

    Autopay: You can register for whichever weeks you like and the payment will automatically be charged to your debit or credit card on the Sunday before the week you've registered for. Payments are deducted on a weekly basis once camp starts until all weeks are paid for. The system is front loaded, so if you register for weeks 1, 2, 5 & 6, payments will be deducted weeks 1, 2, 3, & 4. Weeks 5 & 6 will be paid for in advance. Questions? Contact the office 524-1500 X266

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    Summer Day Camp 2021 
    6 - 12  N/A  MTuWThF  06/16/2021 - 08/13/2021
    7:30 AM - 4:30 PM

    Hard’ack Recreation Area
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    Summer Day Camp - Early Drop Off 
    6 - 12  N/A  MTuWThF  06/16/2021 - 08/13/2021
    7:00 AM - 7:30 AM

    Hard’ack Recreation Area
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    NOTE: Early Drop off registration is in addition to regular day camp registration. This is NOT a registration for day camp, just early drop off.
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    Summer Day Camp - Late Pick Up 
    6 - 12  N/A  MTuWThF  06/16/2021 - 08/13/2021
    4:30 PM - 5:00 PM

    Hard’ack Recreation Area
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    NOTE: Late pickup registration is in addition to regular day camp registration. This is NOT a registration for day camp, just late pick-up.
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